Sunday, July 20, 2008

My blog - dead and now alive again!

Life takes its twists and turns, and in the past year, I've realized I'm more mercurial than most MBAs.

On June 20, I resigned from my position at Apple and the next Monday started work at a software startup in San Francisco called Wallop. Whoa - I didn't realize how life could change so much. Here's a quick throwdown:

Apple vs Wallop, round I (ding!)
Offices vs One big room where everyone works
10,000 other people who do stuff vs 10 people who do stuff
Me thinking about doing stuff vs Me doing stuff
Silicon Valley suburbs vs. San Francisco

So you can see, after round I, it's a knockout for Wallop.  The name does indeed pack a punch.  So many other great qualities, too.  Right now, I love my job. :-D

Check out an upcoming post where I will post our new company website - right now I'm working on it.

Along with my career move, Ari and I have taken the plunge and put away a car's worth of cash on a beautiful apartment in Noe Valley.  Ok, maybe a cheap, used car's worth.  Like mine.  We'll be moving up to our new digs on August 8th.

And so, I've decided the blog must go on.  Actually, after hearing lately that people actually read it, I have come to this realization.  So thanks to Ajeeth Sankaran and his awesome wife (whom I haven't met but I'm sure is rad) and Nick Hoel for my kick in the butt to get going.  

My motto this time: It's never too late for anything!  Stick around for upcoming posts.

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