Thursday, June 28, 2007

Visiting the family Villages - Chonglou district, near Taishan in Guangdong Province

I will also have to do a lot of explaining, but here are the the videos and photos for those eager to get a glimpse of what my grandfather and grandmother's villages look like today (well, a little over a week ago).

Videos first:

Here is when we finally found Yeah-yeah's village by walking through a field of crops - we could barely see the gate from the road and had to finangle through some rows of crops just to get to the entrance. Yeah-yeah's house is the building on the left, and there are some farmers living there and one woman. This is my first approach - thankfully this guy was really friendly and actually let me go inside and see the place thoroughly.

These guys are helping us find Yeng-yeng's village by drawing maps in the sand. Our driver is in the blue shirt.

This is all I could post today - more coming!

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